The first one was the hardest,
    with another he was furthest,
    everything behind,
    nothing to complain,
    he was leaving all,
    maybe that was an illusion,

    the third one almost slips,
    the next one was more firm,
    a new path walking on,
    an upcoming horizon,
    he could only choose to leave it all,
    a wonderful illusion,

    five steps on his way,
    she will know someday,
    he didn’t leave a note behind,
    there’s was no time to cry,
    he think was leaving all,
    what a harmful illusion,

    tears and years passed,
    she was everything he had,
    with fear he nock the door,
    he try to smile, what a horror,
    he believes in second chances,
    that is the real illusion.